New Member Initiation Fee and Yearly Dues

Congratulations on joining our vibrant, creative community and becoming a part of our storied history of practicing handicrafts and fine arts.  We will be happy to continue seeing you in our classes and programs.

If you have questions, the member who proposed you is a great first resource.  You can also reach our Club Manager, Karen Weavill via email or at 401-831-5337.   Our Education Manager, Rebecca Siemering can answer questions about classes via email or at 401-831-8339.  Pop in and say hello next time you’re at the Club.


  • Initiation fee is $600
  • Annual dues are $350 (with a rolling admission policy, we would prorate dues depending on when you join during the Club year)
  • Regular class/workshop fees, which range in cost depending on the length of each program (generally ~$25-$160)



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