Learn the Art of Scrimshaw

Brian Kiracofe of Newport Scrimshanders will explain the history of the art of scrimshaw from early whaling to modern times, the materials used, and the laws governing the materials. Students will be shown examples of all materials such as whale teeth and woolly mammoth ivory, as well as several 19th century original sailor-made artifacts such as a whalebone fid, clothespin, and sailmaker’s seam rubber. Brian will then demonstrate how to prepare materials for engraving and polish an antique piano key ivory so it is ready to engrave. He will then demonstrate the art of engraving step by step before instructing participants on how to make their own piece of scrimshaw. You will leave with a finished piece along with a small bag of ancient mammoth ivory, a scribe, and ink to continue creating scrimshaw at home.

Wednesday, 11/08, 2023 (one day)

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


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