Intermediate Calligraphy:  Everything But Paper

This is the follow-up class to the beginner’s workshop.  Now you are ready to take your new hand-lettering skills to the next level by learning techniques to “connect” letters in a fluid, well-spaced / kerned, and aesthetically balanced way.

First Hour:  We will explore techniques to create flourishing effects and experiment with artistic effects and unique formats for a variety of popular projects!

Second Hour:  Envelope Art. Planning a wedding? Helping a family member or friend address their invitations? Or are you considering launching your very own calligraphy business or Etsy shop? Then this class is ideal for you. We will laser-focus our attention on cool effects, stylish ink color, lettering combo ideas, helpful measuring and shape tools, and practical techniques for making envelope art look amazing! Bring in samples or working/draft concepts of your Save The Date and/or wedding or other celebration invitation ensembles for specific recommendations on colors/style/format to complement your choices. We will also discuss etiquette basics, time management, list organization and Liz Roesller’s favorite materials and formats.

Third Hour:  Lettering on Chalkboard / Mirror / Shells / Wood / Metal & more. Liz’s pro tips, favorite tools, and practical techniques for artistic writing on other surfaces.

Wednesday, 11/15, 2023 (one day)

12:30 – 3:30 PM

Materials students need to purchase: $25 kit if needed, and other desired materials to letter on for the third hour of the workshop.


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