Guest with Provisional Status (GPS) Annual Dues

  • Benefits:
  • Enroll in an unlimited number of classes, workshops and other Club programs in each of three terms over a consecutive 12-month period. This gives guests the best opportunity to try a variety of types of classes and media and get to know more of our members.
  • Enjoy the same enrollment priority as Active members

How to join:

  • Interested individuals need to complete a short application. It is not necessary to know a member to become a GPS.
  • GPS membership lasts 12 consecutive months and cannot be renewed. GPS members are not eligible to vote.
  • GPS members generally apply for Active membership as their first year is ending (or sooner if they wish).


  • $350, plus costs for classes or workshops. This non-refundable fee reduces the initiation fee that GPS members would pay if they decide to become Active members. As such, GPS members’ $600 initiation fee would be reduced to $250. Their first year member dues (currently $350) would be prorated for the balance of the Club Year depending on when they become Active.


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