Regular Annual Membership Dues

Active Members enjoy full membership benefits, including the opportunity to enroll in an unlimited number of classes, workshops and lectures throughout three class terms (Fall, Winter, Spring) each year. Members receive priority for class enrollment and can also attend a variety of social events throughout the year.

With dozens of different classes and workshops offered every year taught by seasoned and expert instructors, there are opportunities for members to hone a craft they already love or try something totally new—and meet old and new friends along the way.

How to join:
If you know a member of the Handicraft Club today, ask her to consider sponsoring you for Active membership. As part of this process, she will complete a Membership Application with your input, and write a short letter proposing you to our Membership Committee. She can help secure another Handicraft member to write a letter to second your proposal.

If you do not know a member at the Club yet, reach out to our Membership Chairs and we can help facilitate the proposal process.

These three parts of the application process should be emailed to us or mailed to The Handicraft Club; c/o Membership; 42 College Street, Providence, RI 02903. Here is a checklist for Sponsoring a Candidate for Membership. We operate on a rolling admission basis, so when we receive a completed application, our Membership Committee presents candidate names to our Board and posts them for member review for 14 days. Following this period, our Board votes on new members, generally at our next scheduled Board meeting.


  • Initiation fee is $500
  • Annual dues are $300 (with a rolling admission policy, we would prorate dues depending on when you join during the Club year)
  • Regular class/workshop fees, which range in cost depending on the length of each program (generally ~$25-$160)


Registration for Spring Session has not yet started, but will begin on Tuesday, February 27th at Noon.

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