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Membership Policies & Procedures

The Handicraft Club welcomes new members and guests throughout the year with a rolling admission policy.

Active Membership

To become an Active member, candidates must be proposed and seconded by two members. This policy also applies to those who are currently Guests with Provisional Status.

It is the responsibility of the proposer and seconder to secure the proper documents for an application package and help set candidates’ expectations about the membership process.


We offer two ways for guests to participate, as follows:

Guest with Provisional Status (“GPS”)

GPS have the best opportunity to try a variety of programs and get to know more of our members, as they can enroll in an unlimited number of classes and workshops in each of three terms over a consecutive 12-month period.

GPS are invited to join all our social activities and special events.
For each term, GPS enrollment for classes and workshops opens one week after Active members begin enrollment. (Those who were GPS as of June 30, 2023 are still able to register on the first day of enrollment.)

GPS members are not eligible to vote.

GPS members generally apply for Active membership as their first year is ending (or sooner if they wish).

To join as a GPS, interested candidates complete a short GPS application available on our Web site, handicraft.org; it is not necessary to know a member to become a GPS.

GPS membership lasts 12 consecutive months and cannot be renewed.

GPS pay $350, plus costs for classes or workshops. This non-refundable fee reduces the initiation fee that they pay if they decide to become Active. As such, GPS members who become Active members pay $250 upon initiation and first year dues that would be prorated depending on when they join.

One Time Guest

For those interested in trying just one class or workshop, we offer the opportunity to be a one-time Guest.
It is not necessary to know a member to be a Guest.

Interested individuals complete a short Guest application available on our Web site and pay a $25 Guest fee, plus costs for their chosen class or workshop.

Please note that guests are granted admission on a first-come, first-served basis if there is space available in a class or workshop 14 days prior to its start date.

Fill out the interest form below:

Interested in membership? Please reach out to us or contact a member for more information

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